Our Pricing: Consumer Services

Bright Futures Educational Consulting provides the following consumer consulting services. They can be packaged for you several different ways.

Our services include. . .

  1. Help writing a compelling application essay. Get the attention of college admissions officers to improve your chances of admission.
  2. Help applying for financial aid. We can sit down with you and walk you through the application process step by step, or we can serve as a paid preparer for your financial aid application. Please note that you can always apply for state and federal financial aid yourself for free by filling out the FAFSA online. You never need anyone to do it for you.
  3. Help finding other scholarships. State and federal financial aid is not the only aid out there.
  4. Choosing the major that’s best for you, based on BFEC’s proprietary college major selection questionnaire. We’ll also provide information about the kinds of jobs associated with the major and the income associated with those jobs.
  5. Estimating the return on investment for your degree at different colleges. In other words, we’ll help you understand how much your degree will pay you back compared to the amount it will cost you.
  6. Help avoiding student loan debt. If you plan now, you can eliminate or reduce student loan debt.
  7. Choosing the best college for you. We’ll help you figure out your acceptance odds for at least three different colleges or universities, weigh the pros and cons of each, figure out which is best for your major, and help you figure out which will be the best fit for you personally.
  8. Requesting recommendation letters. How to help your teachers and administrators write the best letters of recommendation possible for you.
  9. Help understanding the application process. We will demystify the application process and help you understand what you are being told.
  10. Planning now for graduate school. Taking the right courses early on can help you quite a bit later.
  11. Planning your future courses. If you know your major, we can help you plan your courses so that you can graduate on time.

Contact us for an estimate based on your budget and the services you need. An initial one-hour consultation is free. After that initial consultation, you can select a comprehensive package including all services above or just help with one or two key areas. We can service prospective students and their parents anywhere in the world either online or in person.

Your price will be determined by the number of services you choose, whether we consult online or in person, and the distance of your in-person consultation from our home base. At the highest level of service, we will stick with the student and his or her family until the end of the student’s first semester of college. We’ll help you find your way to the right college and then find your way around college once you get there.

Pricing for colleges, universities, and private sector employers is by estimate only. Contact us for a free initial consultation and an estimate.