How It Works

What you get from our services —

If you’re a high school student thinking about college for the first time, or already in college and thinking about transferring, or about to graduate with a four year degree and thinking about graduate school, Bright Futures Educational Consulting will provide you an extensive, personalized consultation report, supported by Skype and/or in-person meetings, that lays out your best options academically and professionally.

How our services work —

After a brief, initial consultation, the student will complete our proprietary college interests and readiness questionnaire. Based on your answers, we produce a ten to twenty page report outlining the best majors for your interests, the best colleges for your majors, and the best paths to avoid debt. We’ll also show you the possible return on investment for your different degree options (cost of the degree vs. income provided by your degree), the state of the job market for that degree, and more. We can also help you with all elements of your college application, including writing the essay and requesting recommendation letters, and we can help you both with applying for federal financial aid and with finding outside scholarships if needed. Remember, you can also apply for federal financial aid for free on your own at the FAFSA website. 

Once we’ve generated our report, we will send it to you by mail or email and then schedule either a Skype or in-person consultation meeting depending upon the options you’ve selected. We’re also available after our consultation meeting for further advising as needed. If you want honest, unbiased advising about your best college options, we are here to answer any of your questions.

Why you need us —

Your high school guidance counselors can provide some of this information, but they tend to be overworked — my son’s high school has one guidance counselor for his entire grade level, and this person is responsible for student scheduling, advising, disciplinary actions, IEPs, and more. They’re very busy. Once you retain our services, however, we’re working for you in ways that no one else will. And while many educational consultation services work from an admissions point of view, our knowledge of higher education is much more extensive: we have experience in admissions, financial aid, administration, and instruction. We’re not just thinking about how to help you get into college, but what you’ll do once you’re there, and how that degree path will work out for you after graduation.

We always recommend using all resources at your disposal: our services, seeking the help of any counselors or advisers available to you, and seeking out all other avenues of information as well. What will distinguish us from all other sources of information, however, is that we will be working only for you, the student. We will care only about your, the student’s, best interests — not about what makes our school look good or what drives up our admissions numbers. Furthermore, our report will be completely personalized, crafted to your interests and abilities. You won’t find this information anywhere else.