Services for Prospective College Students

If you’ve never attended college but would like help with this difficult, life-transforming process, we are here for you. The following video briefly explains our services and how they differ from those of other educational consultants.

Bright Futures Educational Consulting provides a full range of consumer consulting services for prospective college students and their parents, including:

Choosing a major, guided by BFEC’s unique college major selection questionnaire.

  • Know what major is best for you.
  • Get information in advance on the types of jobs associated with that major.
  • Get the most recent information on income associated with your chosen major.

Choosing a college

  • Know the best schools for the major.
  • Know the Return on Investment (ROI) by school and major, or how much your degree will cost you by school compared to how much it will help you earn.
  • Acceptance odds based on academic profile.
  • Pathways for avoiding debt.

Applying for financial aid

  • We can guide you through the application process, walking you step by step through the form, explaining each part. Or,
  • We can serve as a paid preparer. You provide your complete tax forms for the application year, and we will complete them for you.
  • NOTE: Bright Futures Educational Consulting is not in any way affiliated with the Federal Department of Education, and you can always fill out the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) for yourself at no cost at

Finding other scholarships

  • State and federal financial aid isn’t the only aid available, and some of these scholarships are not need-based.

Writing an application letter

  • We will teach you how to write a college application letter that will help you get in to the college of your choice, and we will provide editorial assistance with the letters that you write.

 Requesting recommendation letters

  • How to help your teachers and administrators write the best possible letters of recommendation for you.

Understanding the application process

  • Demystifying the labyrinth.

Planning now for graduate school

  • Thinking ahead to save time and money later.

Planning your courses

  • Helping you graduate on time, if not early.

You can individually select the services that you want, ask for additional services, or select all and save. While no consultant can guarantee you admission into any specific college or university, we can guarantee that we will increase your odds for admission and help you make better, more informed choices as you decide on a college or major. Contact us for more information.