Services for High Schools

Bright Futures Educational Consulting is here to supplement and support the work of high school guidance counselors, who we know often have heavy workloads and a long roster of students to serve.

We would love to send a representative to your high school free of charge (within a 200 mile radius; travel reimbursement required for schools outside that radius) to speak to groups of students, students and parents, parents, or at school assemblies about such topics as

  1. Why college matters
  2. How to choose a major
  3. How to choose a college
  4. The difference between state, federal, and institutional financial aid
  5. How to avoid debt
  6. Understanding the return on investment for different colleges and degree options, and why that matters

We would also be happy to consult with your administrative offices or guidance counselors about the topics of your choice for a nominal fee. We have experience with dual enrollment and can help you with your course planning, curriculum, and customized textbook development. Please contact us for more information.